Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey

SabotagedSabotaged was an action-packed adventure through the Alaskan wilderness, following the Iditarod. Full of suspense, danger, romance and enough plot twists to keep me guessing, this book was difficult to put down.

Plot: When Kirra’s uncle falls behind in the race, she goes to check on him and Reef tags along.   When her uncle tells them that cousin Meg has been kidnapped, Kirra and Reef set off to find her, with the rest of the McKenna clan jumping in to help. As they travel around Alaska picking up leads, Reef and Kirra are drawn closer together.

Characters: I can see a lot of similarities between myself and Kirra, so I related well to her. She’s been known as a good girl, but she’s got a secret that she doesn’t want Reef to learn. Their investigation takes her back to the past she would rather keep hidden. Reef has come such a long way through this series, from bad boy to reliable hero. No matter what happens, he always has Kirra’s back. I love how close knit the McKenna family is and how they each have such distinct personalities that have been consistent through the entire series.

The story has multiple points of view, giving the reader a full view of what’s going on in different places at the same time. Reading this book was bittersweet. I was excited to hear about Reef and Kirra’s story, but sad knowing that it’s the end of the series. I’ve grown to love all of the McKenna family and will miss tagging along on their adventures.

I’d highly recommend this book, and all of the series, to readers who enjoy adventure, suspense and romance. Well written and fast paced, the book doesn’t get bogged down by too much detail, giving the reader just what they need to know.

Rating: 5/5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author/publisher. These are my honest comments and opinions.


Finding His Way Home by Mia Ross

A charming story of two people who are both searching for home, Finding His Way Home was really enjoyable. Scott has made some mistakes in the past, ending up in prison. Now that he’s out, he returns to his old hometown where he meets Jenna, a wandering artist who’s about ready to leave town. Abandoned by her mother as a teenager, Jenna has working through some issues in her own past. When they meet, Jenna’s outgoing personality draws the reclusive Scott back out into the world.

Setting: The story takes place in the small town of Barrett’s Mill, which is full of charm and endearing characters. I really enjoy the quirkiness of small towns and the everybody knows everybody feel. Scott can’t hide from his past because everybody knows about it.

Characters: The main characters, Scott and Jenna, are both wounded and easily relatable. You feel the pain of what they’ve been through and want better for them. The extended Barrett family plays a large role and some new characters are introduced, hopefully setting up more stories for this series.

Plot: The story moved along at a good pace and was very believable. I liked that the characters made mistakes and weren’t perfect, yet they were trying to change and do better. The restoration of the chapel and cottage that Scott inherited and Jenna’s help with the stained-glass window repair gave them a reason to spend more time together.

I really enjoyed my time spent with Scott and Jenna and would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys light, clean romance.

I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads.

The Wishing Season by Denise Hunter

I have yet to come across another author that can write romance like Denise Hunter does.  Wow!  Each book I read just gets better and better.  PJ and Cole’s story just drew me in and reduced me to tears.  Any book that I get so emotionally attached to the characters’ story that it makes me cry is a winner.

I loved how PJ and Cole had so much tension between them, as they’re competing against each other to fulfill their dreams.  The relationship builds slowly as they learn about each others’ history.  My heart just broke for both of them and what they’ve been through.

Cole easily won me over with his dedication and determination to help the foster kids and I found myself rooting more for him than PJ.  He’s quite the swoon-worthy hero and it’s no wonder that PJ finds herself struggling between a relationship with him and her dream of owning the Wishing House and running her restaurant.

I’d highly recommend this book, and all of the Chapel Springs series, to anyone who enjoys some good, clean romance.

2015 Reading Challenge

I found this  reading challenge on Pinterest a couple weeks ago and thought I’d try it.  I’ve been trying to make myself read through my bookshelves, as I own several dozen books that I haven’t even read yet.  I’ve also been trying to branch out a little more from my usual genre and read more classics.  So I spent the last week and a half of 2014 coming up with my reading list and anxiously waiting for January 1st so I could start my books. I even put them in the order I plan to read them in, dividing up the more difficult reads so that I don’t save them all for the end.  We’ll see if I can follow it.  I also saved a few books that I’m really looking forward to reading as my ‘reward’ books.  After I complete my goal each month, I have two bonus books I can read. Continue reading

My Best Reads of 2014

Saying goodbye to 2014, I’m reflecting on a few of the best books that I read this year. It was a good year for discovering new authors I’ve come to love, thanks in part to a few Christian fiction scavenger hunts. Dani Pettrey, Susan Sleeman, Regina Jennings, Ronie Kendig, Denise Hunter, Mary Connealy and Candace Calvert are my top new discoveries while some old favorites also appeared on my reading pile in the forms of Tamera Alexander, Hannah Alexander, Irene Hannon, Lynette Eason and Dee Henderson. There were so many more that I’d love to add to this list, but I just didn’t get around to reading yet. Continue reading