My Best Reads of 2014

Saying goodbye to 2014, I’m reflecting on a few of the best books that I read this year. It was a good year for discovering new authors I’ve come to love, thanks in part to a few Christian fiction scavenger hunts. Dani Pettrey, Susan Sleeman, Regina Jennings, Ronie Kendig, Denise Hunter, Mary Connealy and Candace Calvert are my top new discoveries while some old favorites also appeared on my reading pile in the forms of Tamera Alexander, Hannah Alexander, Irene Hannon, Lynette Eason and Dee Henderson. There were so many more that I’d love to add to this list, but I just didn’t get around to reading yet.

My Best Reads of 2014

Hannah Alexander- Hideaway Series (Hideaway, Safe Haven, Last Resort)

Tamera Alexander- Belmont Mansion Series (A Lasting Impression, A Beauty So Rare)

Candace Calvert- Mercy Hospital Series (Critical Care, Disaster Status, Code Triage)

Mary Connealy- Sophie’s Daughters Trilogy

Lynette Eason- A Silent Terror, A Silent Fury, Too Close to Home

Irene Hannon- Heroes of Quantico Series (Against All Odds, An Eye for an Eye)

Dee Henderson- Undetected

Denise Hunter- Chapel Springs (Barefoot Summer, Dancing with Fireflies) and Sweetwater Gap

Regina Jennings- Ladies of Caldwell County (Sixty Acres and a Bride, Love in the Balance, Caught in the Middle)

Ronie Kendig- Dead Reckoning

Dani Pettrey- Alaskan Courage (Submerged, Shattered, Stranded, Silenced)

Susan Sleeman- Silent Night Standoff, Justice Agency (Dark Tide, Double Exposure, No Way Out, Dead Wrong)

Wow! I had a great reading year. Looking over this list makes me want to read them all again, but unfortunately, there’s just not enough time in a day. For the year, I finished up with 125 books, which easily surpasses the last few years combined. I’m finding I have a lot of catching up to do. (My to-read list on Goodreads is now over 1400 books) I didn’t branch out in many different authors this year, but I’m going to attempt to complete a reading challenge next year that will help me to diversify a little more while still attempting read through more of the books I own. For a while, my buying was faster than I could read them, and sadly, too many books went straight to the shelf without ever being perused.

I’m looking forward to 2015, and all the great books in store for me. I’m going to attempt to write more book reviews and share my favorites, hence the start of this blog. Wishing you all a happy and blessed year.  I’m off to finish reading To Whisper Her Name by Tamera Alexander before midnight.


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