The Wishing Season by Denise Hunter

I have yet to come across another author that can write romance like Denise Hunter does.  Wow!  Each book I read just gets better and better.  PJ and Cole’s story just drew me in and reduced me to tears.  Any book that I get so emotionally attached to the characters’ story that it makes me cry is a winner.

I loved how PJ and Cole had so much tension between them, as they’re competing against each other to fulfill their dreams.  The relationship builds slowly as they learn about each others’ history.  My heart just broke for both of them and what they’ve been through.

Cole easily won me over with his dedication and determination to help the foster kids and I found myself rooting more for him than PJ.  He’s quite the swoon-worthy hero and it’s no wonder that PJ finds herself struggling between a relationship with him and her dream of owning the Wishing House and running her restaurant.

I’d highly recommend this book, and all of the Chapel Springs series, to anyone who enjoys some good, clean romance.


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