From the Start by Melissa Tagg

FromTheStart I think I knew, even before I read anything by Melissa Tagg, that I would love her books, based solely on her shared love of classic movies. I first read her short story One December Night and I knew then I’d found a new favorite author. Each book since then has been better and better. I love how she throws so many old movie references into the story. As a fellow lover of the classics, it’s like running into a good friend unexpectedly.

I absolutely adored From the Start. It was perfection with the blend of humor and romance, yet the characters have trials they’re going through. I don’t think there’s one thing I would change to improve this story. From the Start is definitely going on my favorites shelf.

Kate Walker’s career hasn’t exactly been the success she’s dreamed of. She’s always wanted to write something meaningful, not the sappy romance TV movie scripts she’s currently been doing. When a tornado strikes her family’s hometown of Maple Valley, Iowa, she goes to help out her dad. Meanwhile, Colton Greene’s professional football career has been sidelined by injury. Colton’s agent is pestering him to find a writer to complete his book of memoirs that’s already overdue. As he regroups and tries to figure out what to do with the rest of his life, his friend Logan Walker invites him to get away from everything for a while. After Colton meets Kate and learns she’s a writer, he asks for her help in writing his story, but Kate finds out it’s going to be harder than it sounds, as Colton is reluctant to open up about his past.

From the very first chapter when Kate blames the thinking that rain is romantic on Gene Kelly’s tap dancing number from Singing in the Rain, I was hooked by this story. That is, after all one of my favorite movies, so obviously I was going to like Kate. The moment when Kate and Colton meet was hilarious and memorable, to say the least. And Colton, oh,my! Talk about a swoon-worthy hero! I think he’s just moved to the top of the list. Colton has his share of secrets and pain in his past and he’s struggling to sort out his future, but I love how he just dives in and helps the Walker family and the whole town of Maple Valley as they’re recovering from the tornado.

The story is full of great supporting characters, introducing Kate’s siblings and giving you just enough information about them and foreshadowing so that you want to know more of their stories. I can’t wait to read about the rest of the Walkers. I’m already starting to feel like a part of their family.

From the Start is the first book in the Walker Family Series and can be a standalone, but we briefly met some of the family in the (free!) novella Three Little Words. This story picks up right where Three Little Words ended, almost like it’s a continuing story. I recommend reading all her books in order, starting with the Where Love Begins Series, as they all have connected characters. My Goodreads reviews of the rest of the stories can be found here:

Made to Last:

Here to Stay:

Three Little Words:

If you enjoy classic movies, humor and romance, you’re going to love Melissa Tagg. I’d strongly recommend reading all her books.

Rating:   5/5 stars


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