Miracle Drug by Dr. Richard L. Mabry


Miracle Drug

First thoughts:  This was a great, entertaining medical thriller with a dash of romance.  The story felt very believable and I’m glad the author noted at the beginning that the disease in this book is completely made up!   From the moment the book opened with a murder, the story kept me turning the pages.  It had plenty of action and suspense plus a few plot twists that were surprising.

Plot:  Dr. Josh Pearson is asked to become the personal physician to the former president, David Madison.  Shortly after Josh takes over, David Madison becomes very sick, along with Josh’s girlfriend, Rachel Moore.  As Josh struggles to determine what the strange disease is, he must depend on an experimental drug and the help of many others.  With a limited supply of the miracle drug, Josh is faced with the decision of which patient gets treatment: Former President Madison or Rachel, the woman he loves.

Characters:  The story is told through multiple points of view, which makes for a well-rounded story.  Josh and Rachel are the main characters, but we also get to see things happen through the eyes of the former president, his secret service protector, his influential assistant, and members of the medical community that Josh reaches out to.  I thought they characters were all well  written, with enough mystery around them that you’re not sure who to trust.

Recommendation:  I’d highly recommend this book to those who enjoy medical drama and suspense.  If you enjoy books by Candace Calvert, you should try Dr. Mabry’s stories.  Miracle Drug is a stand alone, for those who don’t enjoy reading a series.

Rating: 4.5 /5 stars



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    1. Thank you! I’m flattered. I don’t always feel like I’m doing a great job with reviews. I’d like a little more information before I can decide. Would it be just occasionally, or every week? And would I be expected to review certain books or just keep reviewing the ones I want?

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