Falling Like Snowflakes by Denise Hunter

Falling like snowflakesFirst thoughts:  Once again, Denise Hunter shows why she’s one of my favorite authors.  A swoon-worthy hero, secretive mother travelling with her mute son, and brothers that don’t always get along combine for a delightful adventure.  This story had a little more suspense and danger than I’m used to from Denise Hunter, but I enjoyed every bit of it.

Plot:  Eden Martelli is headed north with her son, Micah, when her car breaks down, stranding her in Summer Harbor, Maine.  A series of events lead her to the Callahan’s Christmas tree farm.  When Beau Callahan discovers the pair sleeping in a freezing cold shed, he feels compelled to help them out.  Plenty of mystery surrounds Eden and Micah, or Kate and Jack, the names they’re currently using.  Their past slowly unravels throughout the book, in unpredictable ways.  Beau finds himself fighting his attraction to Kate.  He’s already got a girlfriend and a strained relationship with his younger brother, who’s just enlisted.  As a former sheriff’s deputy, Beau can’t help being curious about Kate’s secrets, but his digging may put them all in more danger.

Characters:   Eden (aka Kate) is just a mother trying to protect her son.  She’ll do anything to keep him safe.  I admire her strength and need to be independent.  Beau is the rescuer type, giving up his career to take care of the family business.  Beaus’ girlfriend Paige and brothers Riley and Zac add plenty of interesting dynamics to the story, and foreshadow some great things to come in the series.

Recommendation:  I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys inspirational romance with a little bit of sparks.  Absolutely fantastic book!  I can’t wait for the rest of the series.

Rating: 5/5 stars


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