The Wedding Chapel by Rachel Hauck

The Wedding Chapel

First Thoughts:  I always enjoy a dual storyline in a book, and The Wedding Chapel has two great romances, one in the present and one in the past.  With Jack and Taylor already married, it’s not your typical plot, but I enjoyed having a newlywed point of view.  The story was well written and raised enough questions to keep me guessing what would happen next and what went wrong in the past.

Plot:   In the present day, Taylor Branson and Jack Gillingham have recently married and both of them are devoted to their chosen professions.   While Taylor struggles with doubts about their marriage, remembering Jack words that if it doesn’t work, they can just walk away.  Meanwhile, Jack is worried about the not-so-subtle attempts Taylor’s boss is making to woo her away from Jack.  A return to her hometown of Heart’s Bend to photograph an old wedding chapel may be just what Taylor needs, but to Jack going back means facing his past demons.  During World War II, Collette Greer and her sister were sent from England to live with relatives and football star Jimmy Westbrook falls for her.  The past story of the teenagers is  interspersed with the present day famous actress and small-town football coach.  Figuring out what happened in between was my favorite part of this story.

Recommendation:  If you enjoy the blend of historical and contemporary stories, this is an excellent read.  It’s told from the perspectives of all four main characters, making a well-rounded story.  They  have plenty of depth and are made to face some problems within themselves.

Rating: 4/5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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