The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson

Isn’t that cover gorgeous?


First thoughts: I’ve always wanted to visit Prince Edward Island, and running a bed and breakfast has seemed like my kind of dream job, so a book that combines the two was perfection for me.  I quickly fell in love with the characters and setting of this story and I didn’t want it to end.  As the story unraveled the pasts of the characters, I couldn’t wait to learn more about them and figure out how they would overcome.  The quaint setting of North Rustico is so inviting and the islanders were so welcoming that I wanted to pack my bags and join them!  Sometimes while reading a book, I think of things I would have done differently if I were writing the story, but not with Red Door Inn!  I loved everything about it.

Plot:  Marie Carrington is down on her luck, the money she has left to her name isn’t even enough to buy her a ferry ticket to Prince Edward Island or lunch.  An older man strikes up a conversation at the terminal, introduces himself as Jack Sloane and asks her opinion on colors for the bed and breakfast he’s planning to open.  When Marie shows an eye for that sort of thing, Jack hires her on the spot and offers her a room at the inn until they can get it up and running.  Upon arrival, Marie is disappointed to learn that Jack’s nephew Seth is also staying there.  She has reasons to dislike men.  Seth is wary of the stranger, sure she’s trying to take advantage of his uncle.  Sparks fly as the two battle, and the unlikely trio struggle to prepare the inn in time for it’s opening day.

Characters:  Each of the main characters had issues and heartbreak from the past which immediately earned my sympathy.  Marie and Seth were adorable together, as they’re fighting and then gradually becoming friends.   I also enjoyed having an unexpected second romance blossoming in the story.  (I won’t mention any names so you can be surprised.)   I loved the supporting characters, especially Caden.  The moment Caden invited Marie into the bakery, I was really hoping that she would get her own story later in the series.  (She does in the next book!)

 Recommendation:  I’d strongly recommend reading this book if you enjoy inspirational romance.  I liked the spiritual journey that Marie was on.  It was well written and a natural part of the story.  I do feel it’s only fair to issue you this warning: Caden works in a bakery.  There are descriptions of baked goods that will make your mouth water.  (I was really craving cinnamon rolls while reading this book.)

Rating:  5/5 stars

 The Red Door Inn is now available as an e-book.  Paper book releases soon.  Kindle Book

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