Web of Shadows by Susan Sleeman

Web of Shadows

First thoughts:   What I like best about a Susan Sleeman novel is the amount of research she puts into the story so the investigations and FBI side of the story is accurate. Her stories always feel so real to me.  I love how she uses the dialog between characters to share the technical sides of things in everyday terms for the reader.  As always, Web of Shadows is a great blend of romance, danger and page turning suspense.

 Plot:  As a member of the Cyber Crime Unit of the FBI, Nina Brandt knows a thing or two about computers, so when her ex-boyfriend and Navy SEAL Quinn Stone’s brother  gets into trouble, Quinn turns to Nina for help.  The problem is little brother Ty hacked the No-Fly-List, then had his computer stolen.  The computer that contains the steps of how he hacked it.  Having that information out there could be a huge terrorist threat, so they must work quickly to find it.  And if things weren’t complicated enough, Nina has an enemy out there that’s determined to ruin her life just as she ruined his.  Quinn will have to use all his resources to keep his brother and the woman he’s realizing he still loves from going to jail.

 Characters:  The story is told from the perspectives of Nina, Quinn and the man that’s trying to set Nina up for a big fall.  I really enjoy how having the bad guy’s perspective make for a well rounded story.  I always love Sleeman’s heroines, as they are tough woman doing a difficult job who aren’t afraid to show some weakness, too. 

Recommendation:  I’d highly recommend this story to those who enjoy clean romantic suspense.  While it’s a general market story, it’s free of any foul language or inappropriate content. It is the second book of the Agents Under Fire series and will stand alone, but you’ll get a little preview of Nina and Quinn’s relationship in Web of Deceit, so I’d suggest reading both books.  I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series!  

Rating:  4.5/5 stars


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