Emergency Response by Susan Sleeman

Emergency Response

First thoughts: Darcie and Noah might just be my favorite couple from this series so far, which says a lot because I’ve loved the First Responders.  I enjoyed the depth of the characters.  Both Darcie and Noah have known heartache.  It was nice to see them both get a second chance at love.  The suspense and danger was well done, keeping me guessing until the end. 

From the Cover: On her way to visit a little girl she recently helped save, paramedic Darcie Stephens is attacked by a stranger dead-set on killing her.  She escapes unscathed when detective Noah Lockhart comes to her rescue, but an officer finds a hit list dropped by the assailant- and Darcie’s name is next.  Now with an assassin constantly on their heels, Darcie and Noah must uncover why somebody wants her dead.  Noah fights hard to protect Darcie, but she’s determined to keep the cop at arm’s length.  After all she’s lost, she’s afraid to love again, especially a handsome lawman with a guarded heart.  And a murderer doesn’t plan to let Darcie live long enough for any second chances.

Characters:  I’ve enjoyed this series for the close knit first responders team.  I like how they are more like a family than co-workers.  Darcie is the mother figure to the group, but her pain from losing her daughter and the subsequent broken marriage make her reluctant to let anyone close.  Noah’s got secrets from his past, which once revealed may drive Darcie away from him.  However, he’s still determined to stick close and keep her safe.  I enjoyed having the young girl, Isabel, and her grandmother play a big role in the story as well.

Recommendation:  I’d highly recommend this book, and all the First Responders series for those who enjoy Romantic Suspense with strong female leads.  Even if you haven’t read the rest of the series, Emergency Response can stand alone.  I’m looking forward to Archer’s story coming up next.

Rating:  4.5/5 stars


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