You’re The One That I Want by Susan May Warren

You're the One That I Want

First thoughts: The Christiansen series is one of the best I have EVER read.  Owen’s story, like the rest, was emotionally moving, but a very satisfying end to the series.  The family goes through their share of difficulties and heartache, and Owen’s been at the center of a lot of that, but he finally gets his chance to become the prodigal son and be redeemed.  Throughout the series, I’ve been wondering how he would ever come around  and become likeable.  I was not disappointed at all with the way things went in this book.  I also loved seeing Casper and Raina’s story continued throughout, which, if you’ve read the rest of the series, you’ll know how much they’re connected.

Plot:  Owen Christiansen has a messy past and he’s made mistakes that have affected many lives.  After a lot of months spent wandering, he’s settled in to a job on a crabbing boat.  Captain’s daughter, ‘Scotty’ Mc Flynn is used to being surrounded by tough fishermen, but something about Owen is different and he’s getting under her guard.  After a bad accident happens, Owen’s brother Casper shows up to take  him home.  Then the police come to question Casper about a murder in which he’s the top suspect.  With Scotty starting a new job with the police, she volunteers to take the pair back to Deep Haven.

 Characters:  To be honest, I hadn’t cared much for Owen until now, but we hadn’t seen any of his perspective on events.  It was nice to see him growing up and becoming a responsible man.  Casper has been one of my favorite Christiansens, so I enjoyed having more of his story continuing in this book.  I enjoyed meeting Scotty.  She’s the perfect girl for Owen and has to deal with a lot of the baggage from both their pasts.

Recommendation:  I cannot emphasize enough how strongly I’d recommend this series.  Seriously, if you only read a few books a year, put the Christiansen’s at the top of your list. Make sure you read them in order, though, as there are a lot of story threads woven through multiple books.  I’m sorry to see this end, but I look forward to what Susie will be writing next.


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