No Other Will Do by Karen Witemeyer

No Other Will DoI really enjoyed this story which had a great romance, some fun moments and a little bit of mystery and danger.  I always like a romance where the characters have some history and the beginning of the story where Emma and Malachi met as kids was just charming.  All of the characters were well written and believable.  I also enjoyed the unique premise of a town made up entirely of women.

Plot:  Emma Chandler and her two aunts started Harper’s Station, a small town in Texas that’s a sort of refuge for women.  When someone’s threatening them, Emma turns to her childhood friend, Malachi Shaw, for help.  Working with explosives for the railroad, Malachi’s not afraid of a little danger, so he drops everything to come and protect the woman that once saved him.  However, protecting her might be easier than protecting his own heart.

Characters:  Emma is smart and independent, but she’s not afraid to ask for help when Continue reading


Sister Dear by Laura McNeil *Plus Giveaway*

Sister DearI’m giving away one paperback copy of Sister Dear to one lucky reader.  Keep reading to learn how to enter to win.  First, here’s my thoughts on this book.

This was a unique story.  While it was a bit predictable in parts, I still was intrigued by the storyline.  Although it’s from a Christian publisher, I would consider this more of a clean read.  One of the main characters is involved in an affair and there’s a bit of mild language that I wouldn’t expect to see even in a clean read.  The story had potential for some inspirational themes, but the author chose not to go that route.  I liked that it was more focused on the suspense side of the story and had some great twists.  While a love interest was there, it really didn’t start to develop.

Plot:  Allie has just been released from prison Continue reading

Sea Rose Lane by Irene Hannon

sea rose lane

Do you like fish tacos? If so, I’d highly recommend finding the nearest spot to get a great fish taco before you begin reading this book, because Charley’s taco stand is going to make your mouth water.  If you’ve read Hope Harbor, you’ve already met Charley and know what I’m talking about.  Sea Rose Lane was a great story that’s going on my keeper shelf.  I loved every bit of it!  While it had some fun moments and great characters, it had some depth and dealt with some heavier issues.

Plot:  Lawyer Eric Nash has just lost his dream job and heads back to his hometown to regroup.  His father’s in the middle of transforming their house into a Bed and Breakfast.  Architect BJ Stevens and her crew of Luis and Stone form an unlikely team but when Eric questions their legal status, he stirs up more trouble than he bargained for.  Meanwhile, BJ is trying to help the elderly Eleanor, who’s no longer Continue reading

Every Bride Has Her Day by Janice Thompson *PLUS Giveaway

Every Bride

This was the third book in the series, which follows Katie and Brady from their engagement to their wedding.  As a standalone, it’s an enjoyable book.  Having just read the two previous books in the series, however, I found it to be a little tedious.  Besides the main characters, practically every other single person through the whole series finds their true love.  I was actually rooting for one of the single characters to NOT meet anyone, and that’s not like me.

Plot:  Katie and Brady have just become engaged.  Thanks to the contest she won in the first book, Katie already has her dream dress.  She just needs to plan her ideal wedding.  Her family and friends, trying to be helpful, all have their own suggestions.  Things quickly get out of Katie’s control and she wonders if Continue reading