Silent Sabotage by Susan Sleeman

Silent Sabotage

I’ve always wanted to visit or own a Bed and Breakfast, so I really enjoyed this story, which mostly takes place around Birdie’s B & B in rural Oregon.  However, I’d prefer to find one with a little less danger surrounding it.  This series has been my favorite from Susan Sleeman.  I enjoy the closeness of the First Responders team.  Each story has its own unique plot, so while some of the characters appear throughout, the location of each one is fresh.  This story was full of suspense and had a great pace that made it difficult to put down.

Plot:  When a shopping trip with her Aunt Birdie lands Emily Graves in the middle of an explosive hostage situation, it’s up to negotiator Archer Reed to keep everyone safe.  After repeated incidents at Birdie’s Bed and Breakfast, it soon becomes clear that Emily’s still in danger.  Archer appoints himself her bodyguard, but Emily still tries to keep him at arm’s length. Between Birdie’s advancing Alzheimer’s, financial troubles and the threats to her safety, Emily’s chances of keeping the B & B open are running out.

Characters:  I really liked Emily and her loyalty to her Aunt Birdie. She’s willing to sacrifice to try to safe her aunt’s livelihood. Archer’s been through some bad relationships and is hesitant to become involved again. I loved his quirkiness when it comes to being clean. He doesn’t hesitate to rush in where a bomb is, but he’ll think twice about entering a chicken coop.

Recommendation:   I’d highly recommend this book, and the entire First Responders series, to those who enjoy clean romantic suspense with an inspirational thread.  While it’s the fifth book in the series, it can stand alone, but I think you’ll want to start at the beginning and get to know all the characters.

Rating:  4.5/5 stars

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.



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