When Love Arrives by Johnnie Alexander

when-love-arrivesThis is the first I’ve read from Johnnie Alexander, and after one chapter, I knew I was a fan! This story was packed with heart and had a great message of redemption. I loved every minute I spent in Misty Willow. The characters really drew me in to their story and I couldn’t put it down. Given the secrets that Brett and Dani were keeping from each other, it was difficult to imagine how they’d ever manage to resolve everything. My only complaint about the book is that I would’ve liked to see Brett have a little more of a spiritual journey. He had the perfect opportunity for it, but the author didn’t really explore that possibility.

Plot: Dani Prescott has a plan to ruin Brett Somers, who blames her mother for the plane crash that killed both his parents and Dani’s mom.  While Dani’s trying to dig up some dirt on Brett, she accidently catches his attention instead and is invited to go to a movie with him. Spending time with Brett may help her discover something she can use to discredit him, as long as she can keep from falling for him. Brett’s got a reputation as a heartbreaker, and he’s left a trail of ex-girlfriends, including Meghan, who has her own story to tell.

Characters:  To be honest, Brett wasn’t very  likable at the beginning of the story, but he definitely grew on me. He’s made his share of mistakes and has plenty of regrets, but he’s truly trying to change, and that’s what makes his character so endearing.  Dani’s a very sympathic character and as she gets caught up in her lies, it becomes apparent that she may not have all her dreams come true. I really enjoyed having Meghan’s side of the story included as well. As much as I enjoyed Dani and Brett’s relationship, Meghan really made the book complete.

Recommendation: I’d highly recommend this book, especially for fans of Melissa Tagg. Johnnie Alexander has a similar style and throws in plenty of classic movie references, which I love. When Love Arrives is the second book in the Misty Willow series. I’d suggest reading the series in order. I haven’t read Where She Belongs yet, and while this story can stand alone, I wished I’d have learned more of Brett’s history. I definitely look forward to reading more from this author.

Rating:  4/5 stars

I received a copy of this book from Revell. This review is my honest opinion.


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