Hazardous Holiday by Liz Johnson

hazardous-holidayWow! This was such a well written and unique story. It was a little different than the usual Love Inspired suspense because of the modern marriage of convenience angle, but that made it all the more interesting to me. Great characters, plenty of danger and some great plot twists combined for a story that was impossible to put down!

Plot: When widow Kristi Tanner’s son, Cody, is ailing and in need of a heart transplant, a temporary marriage to her husband’s cousin will provide her with the financial security and proximity to better hospitals that she needs. During the first year of their ‘marriage-in-name-only’ Navy SEAL Zach McCloud is deployed overseas. Upon his return, the family is nearly run off the road quite deliberately. With threat after threat coming at them and Cody’s health failing while he waits for a new heart, it will take everything Zach has to keep his family safe. All the while, both Kristi and Zach must guard their hearts, for they didn’t intend to make the marriage permanent.

Characters: Zach is definitely my kind of hero! You’ve got to love a man that will step up and take care of a child that’s not his own. I always enjoy a story of unrequited love, and Zach’s had a thing for Kristi since he was 18. Kristi is such a great mom and she’s willing to do anything to protect her son. My heart just goes out to her as she’s struggling with her son’s illness. I loved how much faith and trust that six-year-old Cody had! His character was so well written and genuine.

Recommendation: I’d highly recommend this book, and any other by Liz Johnson. It kept me guessing what would happen until the end. If you enjoy Romantic Suspense, you’ll love the non-stop action of Hazardous Holiday. It’s part of the Men of Valor series, but completely stands alone.

Rating:  5/5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author. This review is my honest opinion.


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