New Releases Today!

This is a huge day in the book world. Four great authors have new releases that I’ve been eagerly anticipating. I can’t decide which one to read first!


It’s been a while since a new Tamera Alexander book has released. I’m glad to be returning to the Belmont Mansion series. I love the amount of historical detail that she includes in all of her stories. If you like the post-civil war era, check out this series.rescue-me

The cover of this next book is enough to make you want to read is, isn’t it? I loved the characters from the previous one and I can’t wait to see more of Sam and Willow’s story.



Cold Shot, book one of the series, was so incredibly good! I gave it six stars out of five on my review. I’ve been waiting a year for Still Life, and I have a feeling I’ll hardly be able to put it down once I start reading. moving-target


The Elite Guardians has been a great series for strong heroines. I’ve been waiting since the beginning to see Maddie and Quinn’s story. They’ve all been through a lot in the first two books, and I’m sure this one will be full of action and danger as well.

If you’re not busy tonight (1/31) maybe you can drop by the Release Day Party on Facebook with Dani Pettrey, Lynnette Eason and Susan May Warren. I’m sure they’ll have chances for you to win a copy of these great books!

Which of these books would you most want to read? Or what other books are you looking forward to? I’d love to know.


An Uncommon Courtship

an-uncommon-courtshipI always enjoy a good marriage of convenience story, or in this case, inconvenience. The Hawthorne House series has been one of my all-time favorites. Trent and Adelaide’s story more than lived up to my expectations! I loved the interactions between Trent’s family and Adelaide.

Plot: After Lord Trent Hawthorne and Lady Adelaide Bell are trapped in the old ruins overnight, the only thing Trent can do to save her reputation is marry her. Adelaide’s older sister always got all the attention from their mother, so Adelaide doesn’t know the first thing about running a household or fixing up Trent’s bachelor house. The two try to adjust to life as a couple, but they’re struggling. When Trent realizes his wife never had a Season in London, he comes up with a plan to court Adelaide and give her a proper introduction to London.

Characters: Things were rather awkward between Trent and Adelaide many times, which I found endearing. Other times, I wanted to tell Trent to just talk to his wife instead of running to his brother. I loved Adelaide’s clumsy side; she’s far from the ‘perfectly put together’ image of a proper lady. I enjoyed when Trent started stepping up and being there for his wife, especially when her mother was unkind. If you’ve read the previous books, you’ll love the scenes where those characters make reappearances.

Content: Due to the main characters being married in the beginning of the book, there was a little talk of intimacy, but I found it to be tastefully done.

Recommendation: I’d strongly recommend reading this book, especially if you enjoy Regencies. An Uncommon Courtship is the third book in the series and it can stand alone.  I’d suggest reading all the books in order though, as the characters are closely connected. I’m excited to see what will happen in Griffith’s story! Oh, and if you enjoy fresh pineapple, I’d suggest having some on hand for a snack while reading. You’ll see why.

Rating:  4.5/5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. This review is my honest opinion.

Twilight at Blueberry Barrens by Colleen Coble

twilight-at-blueberry-barrensEach book in this series gets better and better! I adored this story and thought the suspense was very well written. I loved how there was danger coming from so many different directions that I didn’t know how many enemies Kate and Drake had on their heels. This was a page-turner that kept me engrossed until the very end.

Plot: After the death of his brother and sister-in-law, Drake Newham becomes guardian to his nieces and is determined to clear his brother of suspicion in the assumed murder/suicide. He packs up the girls and travels to Maine.  Kate Mason’s struggling to keep her family’s Blueberry farm in business. In order to earn more money, she decides to rent out the cottage on the property.  When Drake happens along, he and Kate realize they can help each other out. Soon it becomes apparent that someone doesn’t want Drake digging into the past. Kate also has got some trouble of her own as strange things happen at her house. It’s clear someone is watching her. The likely suspect is her uncle, who’s recently escaped prison. It’s up to Drake and Kate to figure out what’s going on before more people die.

Characters:  Kate’s had her share of difficulties in life, which have made her tough. Struggles with her health have caused her to be more conscientious about what she eats and she’s not afraid to voice her opinion to other about it, much to Drake’s chagrin. I really enjoyed her way with the girls, being the disciplinarian because she wants better for them.  Drake earns sympathy as the bachelor suddenly turned father as he’s trying to figure out how to care for two young, grieving kids.

Recommendation: I’d highly recommend this book and the entire Sunset Cove series. It’s the best I’ve read from this author so far. It’s book three of the series and can stand alone, but I’d suggest reading them all in order as the characters are closely tied together.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the Thomas Nelson Fiction Guild. This review is my honest opinion.

For the Record by Regina Jennings

for-the-recordI just loved Betsy and Joel. There was great chemistry between them and plenty of humorous situations. While there are fun and lighthearted moments, the story also deals with the Bald Knobbers, which adds a touch of danger. This was an entertaining read from start to finish.

Plot: Betsy Huckabee works with her uncle for the small local newspaper, but she dreams of writing more important stories. When Deputy Joel Puckett is sent to clear out the Bald Knobbers, a vigilante group that’s been taking the law into their own hands, Betsy sees this as her opportunity. She follows Joel around to find an interesting story, but when circumstances are not exciting enough, she begins embellishing and sends the stories away, hoping Joel will never see them. Meanwhile, Joel’s finding out that Betsy and her family are the only ones in town who seem to be on his side. Due to an unfortunate situation at home, he’s unable to return to Texas, so he’s determined to make things work out in his new job.

Characters: Betsy is full of spunk, a little bit of mischief and loyalty to her family. She’s a fun heroine, even if she tends to annoy Joel at the beginning of the book. Joel was introduced in Jennings’ Caught in the Middle, the last book of the Ladies of Caldwell County Series. He’s keeping secrets about his past, but I loved his determination and the fearless way he faces the Bald Knobbers.

Content: This story is appropriate for all readers. The romance was kept clean and  the spiritual content was light enough that those who don’t enjoy inspirational may still like this story. While there was a bit of violence due to the subject matter, even that was very mild.

Recommendation: I’d highly recommend this book to those who enjoy historical westerns and lighthearted romance. While it’s the third book of the series, it completely stands alone. I look forward to seeing what the author will have coming next!

Rating:  4.5/5 stars

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House. This review is my honest opinion.