Life After by Katie Ganshert

Life After

Wow! Such a powerfully moving story. Life After deals with survivor’s guilt in such a real way. Autumn is a well developed character that jumps off the page. This is the kind of story that really stays with you and makes you think about the people who go through tragedies. I really enjoyed how the author approached the subject, showing how God can take something terrible and still bring some good out of it. You’ll likely need a few tissues to make it through this one!

Plot: As the only survivor of  the ‘Tragedy on the Tracks’, Autumn Manning is dealing with survivor’s guilt. She’s become obsessed with the lives of the other victims, trying to figure out why she lived and they didn’t.  When Reese Elliott reaches out to Autumn as a way to keep her mother’s memory alive, her father Paul makes it clear he doesn’t want to dig up the past. Reese is looking for healing and Autumn may hold the key to helping her, if she can get past the walls that Paul has put up.

Characters: The characters were nicely fleshed out. From the struggles Autumn has moving on from such a difficult experience to Paul trying keep his children from being any more emotionally wounded, everything they go through feels so accurate. Paul’s kids, Reese and Tate, are well-written, coming across as true to their ages, in wisdom and actions. This story was more about the dynamics of all the different relationships as it was a romantic tale.

Content: I didn’t find there to be any content that should be concerning to readers. I thought the author did a nice job of balancing the story with their spiritual journeys. It was never preachy, but got the message across.

Recommendation: I’d strongly recommend reading this book! Katie Ganshert is a master storyteller. Life After is a stand- alone, which is a little disappointing to me, as I’d love to see more of these characters. This one’s going on my keeper shelf!

Rating: 5/5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. This review is my honest opinion.